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    Steve Weatherford is............................

    An idiot. In the Navy's Chief's mess there is a saying that whatever happens in the mess, stays in the mess. You never, ever bring out locker room secrets (no matter what they are) out to the media or any social networking website. We grilled Tiki Barber for doing similar things a few years back as in bringing locker room secrets out to the forefront. He does not get a pass in my eyes for this. The "send" or "post" button are deadly weapons because you can't take it back. He had to know that this stuff would get blown up, especially when there's hazing involved. In my eyes, he broke the code and should get dealt with accordingly. Agree or disagree with me, I really don't give a ****.

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    a great Punter.

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    an ex-Jet who they wish they had back.

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    I think he is a great punter. I never questioned his skills. I am just questioning his judgement.

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    He’s a really good punter which you appreciate more after watching Matt Dodge.
    ALL IN!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sharick88 View Post
    I think he is a great punter. I never questioned his skills. I am just questioning his judgement.

    What happens in the locker room stays in the locker room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njg85m View Post
    a great Punter.
    A highly misused word........

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    Fortunately, nobody got hurt and the video didn't divulge anything you wouldn't expect to go on at training camp.

    Hopefully, everybody learned a lesson and now has a proper perspective (i.e., the coach's) on these types of activities.

    I call this learning a lesson the easy way. Learning a lesson the hard way is never good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gumby74 View Post
    I agree. Any football player who leaks it is an idiot imo, let alone from a punter/kicker position. If Tuck did it, it might be marginally, just marginally better.

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