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    Wilson to counteract the Wide 9?

    The Wide 9 the eagles run generates a ton of pressure. the DL is basically selling out completely to get to the QB.

    How can you take advantage of that? Well with the Wr's we have and the attention they demand, the screen game in the flats is going to be there for the taking.

    Having Wilson be the RB catching those screen passes makes that play a possible TD each and every time...I really hope KG has thought about this, and I believe he and JR have, and this was actually part of the reason we drafted him.

    The Wide 9 also leaves gaps in the run game if the OL can do its job. Some serious alleys should open up, again, a place where Wilson can kill you and turn each opportunity into a TD.

    I'm hoping Wilson is our Eagles killer...

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    Cruz will tear it up on them like he did last year.

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    if the O-Line can do its job this year it wont matter what defense they show us.

    we are gonna be an explosive team this year, Hosley on Punt returns and Wilson on kickoffs i can't wait for the season to start!

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    Easier said than done, since Ward left the Giants they don't do the typical halfback screen. The bubble screen is something Gilbride calls on occasion, but he has to have faith in the primary receiver for that play to be called.
    The wide 9 puts a lot of pressure on the linebackers, hence why the Eagles traded for DeMeco Ryans this offseason. You have to use the aggressiveness of the d-ends against them. A play that the Cowboys run very well is the delay handoff, it looks like a pass play until the last second when the QB hands the ball off to the back. This play will counter the up the field attack by the defensive ends of the Eagles.

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    Didn't the Eagles kill the wide 9 during the off season?

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    Its hard to run screen when you always have to keep your running back in to clean up the mess of a dysfunctional oline.

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    dont know why you guys think getting Wilson is going to dramatically change the run game. We need to fix the leagues bottom 5 Oline first.
    Spin that Webb young Davis

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    I don't recall that we had that much of a problem with the wide 9. I think good OL pass blocking and chipping with a RB or TE can pretty much take care of it.

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    We sometimes run the "WIDE-9" with Osi. he lines up way outside, He does not stick his head down on the ground like the jerk eagles do but he lines up in the same place. Its great for pass rushing but obviously the way to attack it is to run right through the huge hole the D is giving you. The first game we game planned it very well. I dont know what happened game 2.

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    I think we are going to have some success against the Eagles this season using Cruz and Wilson and maybe even mixing in some Rueben Randle !!!

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