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Thread: Eli for 5000?

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    Eli for 5000?

    Manning has 4105 yards through 13 games this season. As ridiculous as this is-and has been contributes to by the stagnant rushing this season, he is already 100 yards clear of his previous season highs (Though he missed halfs before)

    If Eli gets 300 or more yards passing in each of the last 3 games, he could hit 5000 yards, making him I believe only the 3rd QB in history to hit that mark. Not even Brady in 07 hit 5000.

    Could it happen? And if it did would he finally start getting respected?

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    Re: Eli for 5000?

    I have a feeling the Jets game will give us fits with that statistic, I can see them not throwing as much that game

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    Re: Eli for 5000?

    I think he can come close but I don't really see him going much over 300 next week and I dont see him going much over 250 against the jets.

    He could drop 400 on the Cowboys but the weather might have something to say about that. It can be done but Im not banking on it.

    As far as respect...Eli's performance on National Television is gonna go a long way in that regard.
    My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of the Super Bowl 46: Dad, are the Giants gonna win?

    Burier: Yes.

    My 5 year old son right before the kickoff of Super Bowl 46: Do you promise?

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    Re: Eli for 5000?

    Id trade it for another SB!!!
    Go Giants!!!

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    Re: Eli for 5000?

    If you include playoff games, Eli will definitely throw for 5,000 yards.

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    Re: Eli for 5000?

    Its very possible. With the defense sucking the offense needs to put up alot of points. Now if the receivers can stop dropping the ball....

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    Re: Eli for 5000?

    my math at the time, Eli had 3705yds subtracted from 5000, he has to get atleast 323.8 yds the rest of the games, each

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    Re: Eli for 5000?

    Eli only needs 979 yards to break Dan Marino's record....How silly is that?

    Never thought in my wildest predictions Eli would ever challenge that record.
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    Re: Eli for 5000?

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    Re: Eli for 5000?

    [quote user="giantman8493"]http://www.nfl.com/stats/milestone?icampaign=milestone_Nav

    he is on pace for it.[/quote]there are 4 qbs that can break the record.

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