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    Would you trade?

    Osi Umenyiora for Dustin Keller? Osi is only with us for one more year anyway. Keller would be an awesome weapon for Eli...He would be like 7/11 , open all day ,every day , 365 days a year......

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    Lol nooo nooooooo!

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    God no. The D-line is far more integral to the Giants' gameplan than a TE.

    Pointless trade since neither position needs meddling with.
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    What? I rather keep both Bennett and Osi

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    Best pure pass rusher on the team!

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    I think giving Osi Umenyora the extra money in order to keep our d line intact may be an omen that we do something very soecial this year and maybe even repeat. I think JR wanted to make sure Osi Umenyora stay happy in order to keep our chemistry tight.This season is going to be a very hard one. Other teams are gunning for us and we want to shut up all the pundits and naysyers. I am so excited about the upcoming season.

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    No we just have to feed the Bear and Black Unicorn and I think they'll be fine just like Ballard became fine last year.

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    no I would not trade Osi at all, he is an integral part of our DL.

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    no way.

    i think Bennett is already as good as Keller.

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    Is this a joke?
    ALL IN!!!

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