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I actually done this once or something like this.... my son and I went to our first game ever, met up with MMB/Landon and Amanda and others of "thee thread"...I knew these people were cool from talking to them here....I'm a little guy I felt safe.... we're talking big dudes , MMB,Lando, Kase1 and his crew, 6/4 JP and oh yeah and easy on the eyes MH "talk about buff with an attitude" ...Rosey it was one of the best times of my life......We are meeting up for the Cleverland game this year... hook up with us man.... don't forget the beer......lol.....jk.... would love to meet ya
Thanks Byron.

Would definitely love to hang with you guys before a game, but unfortunately I'll be out of the country for that game. So I'll have to take a rain-check and look forward to next time. And yes, I'll bring beer!