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    David Douglas is SAFE

    I think David Douglas is safe. He is returning punts and kicks. He plays on all the special teams. He has had a great camp. I think we will keep seven wide receivers and he will make it.......................

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    Yep I don't see how he doesn't make the team. There's literally no way they can stash him on the PS. He'll get snatched up in a second...I can almost guarantee it.

    They're going to keep him.
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    Good hands, and plays a decent special teams. He's making the team.

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    Him, Ojomo and Hill have too much playmaking ability and talent not to make it.

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    Douglas > Jernigan
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    So you think they give up on JJ to keep Douglas? Barden through a 6'5 size Monkey Wrench in the ring tonight with his play. I now think we keep him. unless they keep 7?

    So you got Nicks, Cruz, Hixon, RR, Barden, Douglas/JJCuts Tally, Collins and maybe DePalma makes PS.

    And what do you do with Stanback? He has shows some serious talent. No way they retain 8 and as you said they can't hide Douglas so is JJ cut?
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    well he is safe for the 1st round of cuts, but yeah he really did a nice job tonight ... need a guy like that
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    ps guy at best imo for this situation

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    Before tonight I would have said Barden cut over Jernigan, but I seriously doubt that now... I really like jernigan too, but Barden may have just screwed him lol

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    I do not think he makes it ahead of jernigan and barden, so my guess is only if they are willing to keep an extra wr. I think punt return duty will be hosley's when healthy and wilson will take kicks after ab takes top spot to start the year with a backup of scott (if he makes the team) Not a bad showing tonight by david douglas - but certainly still on the bubble. He has put together some nice tape as has Ojomo.

    No dount hill is safe - he was playing the rover tonight with the ones.

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