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    Missed the game last night, just watched it.. WIlSON?!?!?

    Wow how exciting! I feel something special about this team! So many good things being shown out there on both sides of the ball!

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    WILSON was a beast! He took it down the field like a champ. Or UP the field. ??

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    First teams appear ready. Don't have alot of confidence in any replacements of the starters, Carr looked like he was flashing back to Houston times and the O-line set him up.

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    David Wilson ran with speed and power, he finished his runs with authority. Showed some nice hands out of the backfield.
    Keith Rivers has played great all preseason, he can run with tightends, has great closing speed, and is a sound tackler.
    A few negatives about last night, Prince got hurt (mild high ankle sprain) and 2nd team offense looked down right horrible.
    Weatherford made some spectacular punts, other than one that got partially blocked.
    Overall the team is getting into regular season form, it will be interesting to see who makes the final 53 man roster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashleymarie View Post
    WILSON was a beast! He took it down the field like a champ. Or UP the field. ??
    lol, whatever, he was certainly runnng down hill.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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