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Thread: Bradshaw/Wilson

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    Based upon what you saw last night. How would you split the carries between Bradshaw and Wilson


    Or situational

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    50-50....Perfect 1-2 punch....Lets not forget, when healthy, Bradshaw is a beast!
    Bradshaw is nothing but heart, exactly the kind of guy you want on this team...

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    70/30.. Let Wilson get his feet wet and ease into the system.. He's going to be great, but the giants are going to be smart about how they use him his rookie season..

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    At first 60/40 Bradshaw... week 5-6 50/50... week 8 Wilson should be starting and getting 60/40

    Just way too supremely talented to be behind Bradshaw
    "Once a Giant, ALWAYS, a Giant."

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    ppl are forgetting how quick bradshaw has looked himself. if anything, wilson is gonna push bradshaw to play his best. bshaw knows first hand how good wilsons gonna be and bshaw strikes me as a very prideful guy...our run game is gonna be good this year. both backs create their own lanes...

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    Talent wise I'd say they have a chance to be a top 5 runningback tandem (just need the Oline to open a few holes this season)
    1. Carolina- Williams, Stewart
    2. Texans- Foster, Tate
    3. Vikings- Peterson, Gerhart
    4. Chiefs- Charles, Hillis
    5. Giants- AB, Wilson

    other notables
    Bears- Forte, Bush
    Saints- Sproles, Ingram
    49ers- Gore, Jacobs
    Cowboys- Murray, jone

    As for carries, I expect it to be just about 50/50...Wilson is wayyyy to talented not get touches, rookie or not

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    no way do the vikings have a talented TANDEM. AllDay is awesome. gerhart aint

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    no way do the vikings have a talented TANDEM. AllDay is awesome. gerhart aint
    lol, he avg 5 ypc last season helping the Vikings become the 4th best running team in the NFL lasts season...The guys an old school workhorse.

    Also i guess you missed his college career where he was a unanimous all-american, doak walker, jim brown archie griffin winner, national offensive player of the year and led the country in rushing....but yeah, I guess he's not that talented.

    At the combine he also ran the 40 in 4.47 at 6' 230 lbs
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    I would probably always respond "situational." A great OC is in a perpetual chess match with the other team's DC. That requires an element of surprise and always involves identifying mismatches. They may finish the season 50/50 overall but from game to game, it could be all over the place. It also makes us that much tougher to scout. Loving this!!
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    I think some of you are overreacting to this wilson situation just a bit bradshaw is and should be our guy still, he shouldn't be splitting carries with anyone. Don't get me wrong wilson is explosive and I love the kid, but this is the 1st season we're gonna see bradshaw fully healthy as far as his legs are concerned feet and all. I mean look at what he's done on broken ankles and screws in his feet. I think ab has a monster season this yr imo plus as quiet as kept or unnoticed he's an asset in the receiving game as well plus no one picks up the blitz better. So lets lets use wilson when bradshaw gets tired to keep him fresh. I'm hoping we use wilson like N.O. Uses sproles he just seems perfect for that roll and would make this offense that much more potent.
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