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    Barden Crow Line is Now Open, Eat up Frog-of-Foil

    I really dont like being this way because I'm not that type of person but I really want a few posters to choke on their words. Yea, Barden had a good game. Am I going to crown him? No. However, not only do I believe that he's good enough to make the team, I also believe that he is good enough to contribute. Once he maintains true confidence, I believe that he could be a force. The ball is still in his hands and I hope that he stays hungry. I'm personally not surprised about his play last night, just happy to see it play out.

    Now my true reason for this post... Why would I want a few of you to choke? It's not because we do not agree. It's the way that you go about it. To call professionals "terrible" shows a complete lack of respect. It completely discredits what many of the staff, scouts and coaches do. I gave up on the boards a long time ago because of "terrible" posters who sit back, piss and moan like they could do better. Quite frankly, I'm disgusted by a few posters here. Show some freakin' respect.

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    One preseason game with 3 catches vs 3 years of no production.

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    You sound very angry, just cause some posters have been hard on players doesn't mean they don't want them to succeed. I'm happy for Barden for what he did last night, and I want to see more of it.

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    name them, don't beat around the bush. if you want a response call them out; everyone is going to sit back and say well... i don't want to be wrong so i won't say anything. i am a poster that stands firm in my belief that Bennett needs to show me something in the regular season consistently for me to change the negative views i have of him, not self made up but from what i've heard or read by other professionals that worked with him. and i will gladly eat my crow if he does, so my charge to you is call out the possums don't let them play dead if you feel barden has shown you enough to be a contributing factor t this team cause i guarantee you this if they cut barden in a week i assure you those same posters your talking about will.... Will resurface this thread and mock you.

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    At any level of sports some is is "TERRIBLE". And Barden has been that particular guy for us since Moss left. Everyone on here has their own opinion and that is the biggest reason we have a forum. I wont dog you about YOUR post, but I will say that I disagree with your assessment of other peoples opinions. I am sure you are not the saint you proclaim to be and I am sure you have said even in conversation that someone on the Giants sucks. BTW maybe you should go back into retirement from these boards.

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    Yes! As usual Barden continues to produce when the games don't count.

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    ITT: Someone who is upset at people who will correctly criticize underwhelming players that rarely show up.

    Barden had a nice game last night against a Pro Bowl CB in Tillman but I think I can speak for a good amount of people when I say that we want to see this kind of consistency game to game. Not "I'll have 50 yards tonight and then do nothing the next month". It's a wait and see process.

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    wow, even as barden's biggest supporter for yrs now, who finally gave up on em this yr, this is alittle much.. This isn't a praise every giant board.. Its a place to disguss what we think about the team, good and bad, and disguess how we can get better and what players we think will make a impact and what players we think were mistakes getting..

    All i can say is grow a pair if u don't like people saying how they truly feel about a player, both good and bad..

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    What's it like way up there? And, as said before by a few in this thread he's done pretty decent in preseason(s)...now he just needs to take it into the season...which he has not as of yet.
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    lets wait till he does something in a meaningfull game plz... If he can make carr or claiborne(not really tho still a rook) look like tillman last night then I might a be lil impressed until then lets keep it in the cage plz

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