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Who would you rather have Dez or Nicks ( Nicks all day long )
Who would you rather have Romo or Eli ( Same deal )
Who would you rather have Ware Or Jason Pierre Paul ( Condisering we also have Tuck, Osi, and Kiwi. This question becomes sillier and sillier )
Webster or any one of their corners ? ( yeah the rookie too )
Rolle or any Cowboy safety
Considering the RBs might be a tie ( Although We'll stay with AB and DW )
I cannot see the Cowboys going " Blow For Blow " with The Giants in a game. ( No pun intended, but we have more Stars than they do )
Stars DO NOT make a team, and they certainly DO NOT guarantee a Winning season. Example= Iggles! However I do believe that are team has some stars but more importantly they have unity!!