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Yes I've seen him play before I used to watch the Cheifs a lot, you just haven't seen the risks cause like I said he either intercepted it or someone else helped out all I'm saying is that when you go against top QBs in the league you won't be able to take those risks. Who really scares you as a receiver that he has covered so far? I can't think of anyone even in the preseason remember too he is learning a whole new system with Ryan, there could be busted plays. I know he's not Asante cause I think Asante is better imo.
Just from last year, he was good against Calvin and he was good against the GB passing attack-- although they were without Jennings. Still he handled Nelson and Driver pretty well.

And I agree. Even though as a former corner, I can't stand the way Asante plays the position, I have to give him his props. He's better than Carr... or more valuable I should say. ( I really dislike how succeptable he is to screens)