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The difference between a class organization and clown circus. The Giants would have showed him the door.
Like they showed LT the door?

The thing you guys absolutely refuse to understand is both sides of the story. In fact, none of you even try.You have automatically painted Bryant a villain because it's easy to listen to ESPN and other media outlets assume that he is, despite the fact that you all know that sports media is more entertainment than journalism.

Everyone here sympahized with LT because he needed help (also we're biased as fans and take care of our own). Well, the same goes for Bryant as well. The difference is Byant isn't a drug addict. He's a troubled kid from a broken home. And another difference is that Bryant isn't too stuck in his way to correct things.

Again, the biggest thing wrong with Bryant stems from lack of sense of discipline and responsibility, yet Bryant AGREED to these restrictions. And anyone following him knows that he's been taking steps to improving that aspect of his life.

And for god's sakes he did not beat his mother.