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Blackmon just went to the same school as Bryant. Doesn't have nearly the talent Bryant does and also has 2 DUI's.

Dez Bryant was arrested once (blown out of proportion) and had a scuffle with an annoying rapper once who was heckling him at a night club.

Other than that? He had lunch with Deion once and forgot his cleats at his pro-day (this is why he was labeled trouble in the draft by the way).
Oh come on man youthink I meant that literally I was just saying what Warren Moon has said but since your a big stats guy, all I hear from Cowboy fans is if he does this and if he does that this guy can be great come on dude really this guy doesn't even have over 1500 yards in two year Cruz had that in one how many times are you guys going to stick up for this ****** bag I'm serious you can find more nfl ready talent out there I would rather start the kid with the dreads on you team. Iknow it was against the Rams but I just don't think Bryant is worth it. Trust me I was so pissed when they cut Plax I thought the Giants should keep giving him chances but it worked out better for the Giants just to get rid of him Trust me Bryant is not worth it.