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    I wonder if the team will look to bring in another CB who can start

    since the CB position is getting pretty thin I wonder if Reese will be looking at bringing in somebody who is good enough to start...

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    Depending who is available when teams do the final cuts, you also have to factor that if the Giants sign a new cornerback he will have very short time to learn the playbook.
    I liked what I saw from Coe last game, and he played well last season before he got hurt. Hosley has looked good this preseason and I assume he will be ready to go by week 1.

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    There are no CBs out there that can start in FA. And its extremely unlikely any will get released either.

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    Unless some team surprises by cutting 1 of their 2 starters, I think they may look at the waiver wire for CB depth, but you never know. It may be Coe as our #2 CB come week 1 if Thomas/Prince cant go.
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    Does anyone know how long Prince will be out? All I've read has been speculation.

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    A trade with Jax to get Ross back?? They could use a WR.

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    That's a kneejerk reaction that I don't see Reese reacting to, especially when Prince and Thomas are, as of now, not expected to miss the entire season. Any other roster position taken on now will only mean we have to lose another body we may need in the future. Why sacrifice that by trading for a new CB that has to be assimilated for only the beginning of the season?

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    The team will take every opportunity to find and bring in whatever talent they need at any position in need. They will pour over the wire every day and invite in all available. That being said they will not find starting talent in that manner.

    The potential for a trade is there of course, but unlikely based on how Reese acts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keyofgmen View Post
    A trade with Jax to get Ross back?? They could use a WR.
    as much as that is funny a hell .... it makes you scratch your head saying wish we had him back atm

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    Quote Originally Posted by derekunion28 View Post
    as much as that is funny a hell .... it makes you scratch your head saying wish we had him back atm
    Exactly...it was meant tongue in cheek...

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