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    Giants' Hakeem Nicks excpecting to play in final preseason game


    Excerpt: ""Yeah, as of right now, I was told I知 going to take some snaps," said Nicks, who was activated off the physically unable to perform list two weeks ago after recovering from a broken foot. "But if they decide to change, I知 sure they値l let me know. Whatever decision they make, I値l roll with it."
    Nicks has looked good in practicesince his return last Monday. On Sunday, though, he caught a hook route in front of cornerback Michael Coe, pivoted and took off into the secondary with explosion he hadn't shown in his first few practices." Read more...
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    That's good. Well hopefully he gets ample enough of time - enough time to actually get the rust off a bit and so he doesn't risk further injury.

    I'm okay with it, as long as it's sufficient time.

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    Great news looking forward to seeing him out there

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    I'm glad he's getting reps too. He needs to see real action before the Dallas game to shake some of the rust off.

    Looking forward to seeing him back in action.
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    Nice .

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    i dont get this to be honest. NE's 4th stringers isnt even as good a competition as our team practices. and the players can be told to not tackle Nicks in practice as well. Its a pretty risky thing playing Nicks imho. That is, unless the 1's give it a series or two.
    If the starters arent going, I just dont see a reason why Nicks would play.

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