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    retirement home in Dallas (my son married a Texas gal. Woe is me)
    Quote Originally Posted by SweetZombieJesus View Post
    LT never drove a pair of scissors through a teammate's neck. And then there's Charles Haley spanking the monkey...


    Yeah.. that sounds like something a Jones organization would do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ProfessorCrue View Post
    yup, number 94, D-ware...the guy thats gonna break strahans record this year with sacks. i am predicting 2 sacks from him to start the season with on lil eli
    had to bring this back up cause, well, i was right about Ware getting in 2 sacks....and someone had mentioned about Wilson going to be a huge factor but the guy was in NEGATIVE yards for the night. and correct me if i am wrong, but this wilson kid was CRYING on the sidelines?????? now what the heck is that all about. there aint no crying on opening night football!!!!! now either Dallas' D is turning great, or the guy was overhyped n over glorifed. and to think, Dallas was playing rusty tonight. great things are brewing right now in Dallas. chapter 2 next week
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