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    Trade RB to Detroit?

    Highly doubful they keep 5 HBs this season - thoughts on sending Ware, Scott, or Brown to Detroit for a DT or CB as opposed to just outright cutting one of them?

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    Well they are not trading Ware, so how good a player are you gonna get for Brown or Scott.

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    You can only trade things of value.

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    not umpossible, we traded Ryan Grant, who had done little to GB and they made it work for a year or 2 .... so why not? ... now don't get too excited, b/c you are only going to get a late, late round pick in return ....
    Apologize to Melo 5

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    I think they should start Wilson first what do yall think

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    Outside of Bradshaw and Wilson, no one on this roster at the RB position is worth much. I imagine they would look to get someone from the Saints instead who have ridiculous depth at the RB position.

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    i read a post like this and just know that it's a slow day on the boards.

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    so do yall think we going make any trades any where

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    give it a break

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    Package all of Scott, ware, and brown for Calvin Johnson and we'll be golden.

    In all seriousness, we won't get **** in return for any of the players listed. Nothing important at least.

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