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Thread: 3rd WR Position

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    3rd WR Position

    At this point who do you think will be the 3rd WR Position on 9/5/12?
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    Mr RR aka mr leaps n bounds better than the competition

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    Yeah I see Randle getting it as well. MAYBE Hixon gets a few snaps, but I see him more in the ST game.

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    I hope Barden can continue from last game... Been a supporter and hoped we drafted him, but hasn't worked out just yet and i don't get too excited over preseason... Randle looks good but goes against backups primarily... by the end of the year Randle will have solidified that position... But I'm going on a limb just off the basis of knowing the playbook and going Barden.

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    its randle gotta be randle

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    I think Randle will be the third receiver this year at some point but not sure if he'll be the 9/5 game guy...Probably either Hixon or Barden being they know the offense better at this point.
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    barden n randle

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    randle gotta be randle guys

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    Randle doesn't seem to know the most basic routes (from preseason games anyway) and Barden has had an ok half in preseason in his tenure ...

    Hixon hasn't done much lately but he's had most reps in practice and in games as #2 with Nicks out which makes me thinks they trust his knowledge. They'll go conservative and play the guy they know.


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    If Barden repeats what he did to the Bears against the Pats...I think he'd secure that spot for the time being. But I definitely see Randle taking that spot eventually.

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