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    Smile My uneducated take on the last exhibition game

    BORING, BORING, BORING. Not only were the players sleepwalking, but they put me to sleep too. When I woke up, I deleted the game before the game was over!. I stayed around for the second half because they promised that our third string QB would play and that didn't even happen! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! Someone said that there were tons of scouts there and they want to keep him a secret! ZZZZZZZZ! Even TC looked like he was listening to the Convention in Tampa rather then watching the game. I hope we pick it up a notch for Dallas!

    PS -- We need better "emotions" for games like this!
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    There's never any intensity in the last preseason game. That's always been the case. The only thing that worries me is that Carr took freaking forever to get rid of the ball.

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    Yeah. It was a boring game, but it was the 4th preseason game. Next Wednesday should be fun

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