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    JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    Did anyone else see this?

    I cant find the video anywhere but at the end of the game, on the second to last play before the FG attempt for the Cowboys, JPP made a great hustling tackle on Felix near the sidelines and from what I saw, Felix' knee touched the ground before he got flipped OB by JPP. This would of kept the clock running instead of it being stopped at something like 24 seconds left. Im not sure the Cowboys would of had enough time to throw that last one to Austin and set up for a FG if the clock kept running.

    Anyone else see that?

    Also the clock stopped when Austin appeared to fumble but didnt. That also saved the Boys about 10 seconds right at the end.


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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    Yea I noticed that, but I didn't know if that was me seeing things.

    It was a hazy room/night.

    Oh well, not crying over a win.

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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    Yup......clear as day on the replay.......refs blew another one......IF they lost would've been on the cover of the News and Post........

    The clock stopped on the Austin play because Boley picked up the ball and took off with it.....if he left it there the clock would've been running,

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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    I didn't notice that while watching live, but just watched it on NFL Rewind and you're right.

    His knee hits the ground as JPP spins him down before he goes out of bounds. That would've been a nice break for us.

    However if they did stop to review it the clock would've stopped while they reviewed and started on the official's signal. Cowboys would've (well should have) had a play ready after the review.

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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    I hate sounding whiney but believe me... In this one the refs definitely took the envelope Jerry Jones left in their lockerroom. They were cowpuketilted the whole game, Bas*ards.

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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    [quote user="TuckYou"]



    Jason Pierre Paul is an absolute beast.

    I hope we can get a few calls to go our way in the next couple games.

    Manning is king of the comebacks, having engineered 24 fourth-quarter comebacks and 28 game-winning drives, including two in the final minutes of Super Bowls XLVI and XLII. Moreover, his quarterback rating rises to 94.2 in "late-and-close" games. With numerous comebacks, eight postseason victories and a pair of Super Bowl MVPs under his belt, few have been better with the game on the line.

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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    [quote user="timmytimm3"][quote user="TuckYou"]


    [/quote] Jason Pierre Paul is an absolute beast. I hope we can get a few calls to go our way in the next couple games.[/quote]

    Interesting point. PerhapsJPP's impression in front of a national audience Sunday night will finally get him some respect from the refs. He has been held all year long andhas gottenno holding calls his way. For the final few weeks hopefully that will finally change.

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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    I noticed and wondered if JPP had kept Jones inbound if the clock would have continued to run. I'm not blaming JPP. He's my hero along with Eli. I just wondered. I didn't see the knees go down inside the line but JPP must have.

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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    That was beyond a texbook tackle....this kid is unbelievable. I just rewatched the entire game and he was a disruptive force for 60 minutes. I wish the rest of the defense played like him.

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    Re: JPP's tackle on Felix Jones

    I was more impressed w/ the tackle itself.

    He literally flung Felix Jones like it was nothing, as if Jones was just a kid.

    Granted, momentum helped a lot, but still....the way he closed on Jones so fast (nearly a 10 yd distance shortened in a sec), wrapped up, and threw Jones away for only a gain of a couple was unbelievable (considering Jones had plenty of space to get at least 1 or 2 yds shy of the 1st down marker)

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