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    NFL teams cut-down to 53


    Biggest name: DL Marcus Thomas, who joked earlier in the week that theMadden folks would change his profile photo if he made the team. Whoops.Other names: RB D.J. Ware, S Tyler Sash, DE Matt Broha, WR Isaiah Stanback, TE Larry Donnell, LB Jake Muasau, T Matt McCants, DE Craig Marshall, WR David Douglas, LB Greg Jones, WR Dan DePalma. (via theNewark Star-Ledger)
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    Now that the Pats have cut all 3 of their receivers Branch , Stallworth and Gaffney don't be surprised to see Douglas as a PAT.

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    I woudl be EXTREMELY surprised to see Douglas clear waivers...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Atomic1 View Post
    Now that the Pats have cut all 3 of their receivers Branch , Stallworth and Gaffney don't be surprised to see Douglas as a PAT.
    I agree with you. I didn't think he would get cut. He's going to be one helluva returner on whatever team he lands on, and he should land on one. I would have rather had him then Jernigan. Not saying anything bad about JJ, but I think Douglas performed better in his rookie year then JJ did in his.
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    odd stuff......jones ware

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    shaking things up a bit. never thought they'd release Ware, Sash, Jones. I like the confidence it shows in the other guys.

    edit: Sash not cut, see next post
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    Sash was appearantly not cut but rather on the reserve/suspended list. I guess he doesn't count against the 53.

    From Mike Garafolo:
    "This entry originally had Sash listed in the cuts section above with a designation in brackets he was being put on the reserve/suspended list. But obviously that was too much for people like The Sports Network to comprehend. They erroneously reported that I and Ralph Vacchiano of the Daily News reported Sash was cut. So no thanks to those guys for making me, Vacchiano and Sash look bad."

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    the only name i am really disapointed with on that list is Douglas. I really tought the giants would see the potential in this kid and give him a chance. I think marshall and depalma will land on PS. I dont see Douglas clearing waivers. Now we will get to see him shine for years with another team. He could become a thorn in our sides for a long time to come. Well after JJ is long long long gone Douglas will still be getting it done for whoever picks him up
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    Douglas >>>>>>>>>> Jernigan....

    Very disappointed they chose JJ over DD when it is obvious DD has more heart and skills that can be applied in an NFL game.
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