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    Terrel Thomas IR not the short 1

    Probably the end of his career as a Giant

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    Mike Garafolo ‏@MikeGarafolo
    Giants place Terrell Thomas, Shaun Rogers on injured reserve: Both players did not receive short-term IR designation

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    Kinda hoping that Marvin Austin gets that designation

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    man oh man hope tweet was wrong

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    Damn. Poor guy.

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    Do not be shocked if we see an injury settlement and Thomas trys to play elsewhere. Maybe an Eagle LOL

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    So that designation had to be done already for him to be on the short IR? I thought it was a textbook example of a marquee player who was out for the first half of the year. So many news outlets had said that this would help the Giants keep Terrell available this year. I guess that was wrong.

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    guess his knee was worse than they were saying.

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    this stuff is still developing... there are a few players in this same situation as far as we know... Rogers , etc

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    If the Giants decide to offer him an injury settlement, he can play for another team this season. Sad to say, but this is prob the end of his Giants Career. We have too many people to sign this offseason including Kenny Phillips and Victor Cruz

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