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Thread: Stevie Brown

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    Stevie Brown

    Can someone please explain who this guy is and what plays he made ( in case I missed it) to make the 53.

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    Maybe, just maybe there was more to the guy than what was shown in preseason games? Maybe it's a numbers game and he fills a need where another member of the same position is suspended, and the other an UDFA? Maybe, he won't stick around that long for this to be relevant, when one player will be cut in order to make room for Sash or PUP players.

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    I can totally understand Will Hill he earned his spot. but Stevie Brown just baffles me even to keep a seat warm for Sash. I liked Scott better

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    I'm starting to think Brown is the expendable one once the Giants make a claim on the waiver wire...I doubt he sticks long.
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    He probably showed more in practice and his expierence was a factor, i'm sure.. Also, he has a great ST body...

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    I question the exact same too.

    Will Hill earned his spot though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bones911 View Post
    Can someone please explain who this guy is and what plays he made ( in case I missed it) to make the 53.
    will be cut by tuesday or he will be a seat warmer for sash

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    I just think the Giants don't want to go with 3 safeties while Sash is serving his suspension. Brown is good enough for ST, but probably will be cut when Sash is off his suspension. We carried 4 safeties last season as well(KP, Rolle, Grant and Sash).
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