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How is this disrespect? Yes, the Giants won the SB last season. It doesn't mean they were the best, most powerful team in the NFL. Quite frankly, they were a 9-7 team that got hot at the perfect time. They had a lot of flaws, and they still do, especially with yet another injury plagued pre-season this year.

Look at the schedule, look at the question marks across the roster, and then ask yourself, REALISITICALLY AND HONESTLY, if you'd pick the Giants to repeat. These guys aren't paid to be homers. GB and SF were much stronger teams last season, and even though the Giants beat them both in the playoffs, it doesn't mean the Giants were the overall stronger team. THAT DAY, they were, but the numbers dont lie. If you expect most analysts to automatically pick the Giants to win it all again, you're not being the least bit realistic.

I definitely think we'll be in the mix. Right now, today, I dont see a repeat. On paper, there are too many question marks. Thats not disrespect, thats objectivity and reality.
I don't think everyone thinks they are going to repeat but a lot of the so called experts have us missing the playoffs that is disrespect and unfair the Giants are not as bad as you seem to think the fact of the matter is the Eagles were 8-8 last so were the Cowboys and Detriot had one more win then us,so how do some of them have us missing the playoff, do you think the Eagles are that much better then the Giants that they are going to make it to the NFCG?