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My point is, both of those teams finished with 4 and 6 more wins, and each team had a #1 ranked unit in the NFL(Offense/Defense)

I don't disagree with you, but I'm trying to make the point as to why the media is picking them over the Giants. They see numbers and rankings, and they base their opinions on those numbers and rankings. The Giants were largely middle of the road for most of last season in a lot of categories, and were dead last in pretty much every rushing category. That is the kind of stuff they remember, and why, despite winning the SB, they'll never get the kind of praise that a lot of folks here think is warranted. I dont see what they're saying as disrespect. It's a numbers game, and numbers dont lie.

As we all know, they have their favorites too. Dallas, GB, the Jets, Philly, and now Denver will always be part of the conversation, no matter how good or bad they're playing. It's nothing new, but keep it in mind.
I still think your being a bit too adamant about how good a TEAM those other two were vs us, once we got healthy and could play as good as we did on both sides of the ball. I don't care what the media says, but I don't believe they will ever give us a fair shake and I don't see how anyone can defend their unfair shake. They sure are not taking into account our last 6 games last year when they dismiss us so easy.

I think our team overall will be even better than the end of last year. What we gained, I think more than displaces what we lost.