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    Nick's injury history is really beginning to worry me.

    First off, I love this guy. He is a baller who can run all the routes and has great hands. However, he simply cannot stay healthy and now his foot injury apparently is not fully healed. Jerry Reese has a big decision to make when his contract expires. Again, I would love for him to remain a Giant for years to come, but his injury history is going to make it hard for Jerry to offer him a huge contract. Victor Cruz is no flash in the pan and there is no way in hell we ever let him walk. Can we really pay Cruz, JPP, Eli and Nicks? What happens with Tuck when his contract expires? Osi is going to leave because we cannot afford to keep him.

    Eli has restructured his contract to help with keeping players on this roster, but by doing so, the bulk of his money will be paid out starting next season and beyond. We simply cannot afford all of these studs. If Nicks goes though another season where he misses a handful of games, Reese is going to have to decide what to do. Nicks is going to demand a huge pay raise. I really hope the rest of our receivers can step up big time. I would play Nicks as little as possible until his foot feels better, if it ever does this season. I don't want to see him break that bone again. This is not John Madden football. We won't have the money to keep them all, without seriously gutting this roster. Thoughts.

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    how many games has he missed? ... he plays way more often than Vick for one ... more than Andre Johnson ... list goes on and on
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    6 games missed in 3 seasons.

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    Nicks has missed six games in three years - where's this "can't stay healthy" tag coming from?

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    In 3 seasons he has missed 6 games, not really as bad as some our making it out to be. And the injury he had against the Eagles was a 1 out of a 1,000 happening. It was just unfortunate it did happen.
    As for keeping your stars, that's Giants mgt job to find ways. I wouldn't be suprised after the season Canty is let go, and some other high salary players are let go or take a pay cut. The NFL is a young mans game, and when you have stars who are young you do whatever you can to keep them long term.

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    NIcks is not and injury risk really. Also no team cam keep all their super stars. the Giants will have to parts ways with one or two in the next few seasons.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Flip Empty View Post
    Nicks has missed six games in three years - where's this "can't stay healthy" tag coming from?
    From the all knowing fans who await the falling sky. Is it really so unuaual that any player plays hurt?
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    Just assume he's probably always going to miss about 2 games a season. He's got a little injury issue every season but everyone is generally nicked up a little. It's just part of the game but I'd rather have him for those 14 games then not at all if that's what you're referring to.

    Have we won or lost the games he's missed? Anyone know?

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    Eli, JPP, and Nicks are the three locks.

    Cruz has to prove this year that last year wasn't a fluke. You can say what you want but he has to do it again.

    Not too worried about Tucks contract. He has a lot of work to do, if he wants to get paid like a top DE in the league. He is a real good player, but he is not great. He needs to stay healthy and put up big numbers if he wants to get paid star money.

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    Nick's is not injury prone. He missed a handful of games but always comes back sooner then expected and shows no drop in play (as most guys take a week or 2 to get their legs back).

    As far as the Giants keeping their stars, I think they do a great job better than any other organization of identifying the young talent they want to keep and signing them b4 they reach full market value (ie. Tuck & Osi). They also don't over pay over pay for players the deem mediocre, the Giants make the tough decisions and let players walk (ie. Wilson, Smith, Boss etc).

    So I guess to answer your question I think they have a shot of keeping everyone they want too.

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