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    Why did this post get locked? Anyone down for letting it ride on the Giants

    I was thinking, and I know theres a bunch of us on here who are die hard fans. I am not rich but am not poor either. I think i could afford 20 dollars for this idea. We should get as many people who can and or are able to wager whatever they could on certain Giants things. For instance, I personally think Jacobs is gonna live up to his word and lead the league in rushing. he said if he plays 16 games he'll lead the league. I bet he gets 40 to one odds on that bc sports lines dont acknowledge him as if they watched him play. he truly is a revolutionary (to our era of speed small scatbacks) running back. So if we all were to get our money pooled, and let it ride on him, we could see some serious pay day.

    Also, we could place another wager on them winning the bowl, division, etc. And if people are down, and we pool say 500 dollars for the Jacobs idea, then, I'll have to research the odds, but lets say its 20 to one which fantasy and scout magazines had Jacobs as like the 24 best rb in the league, lol, then 20 times 500 is likes 10,000! So let me know if this seems plausible...I know it may sound stupid but I truly think if Jacobs stays healthy he will avg 5 plus yrds a game and will be fresh with our depth, and he ll have at least 1500 yards.

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    Re: Why did this post get locked? Anyone down for letting it ride on the Giants

    Thousands of betting sites out there. This isn't one of them

    Don't do it here

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