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    Giants' rookie david wilson entering season with list of goals


    Excerpt: "
    The Giants used their first-round draft pick on David Wilson, hoping the former Virginia Tech running back can help boost their ground game from last year's last-in-the-NFL rank.

    Turns out, the rookie has some expectations of his own, too.
    Wilson said he wrote out a list of goals for the season yesterday, five days before the Giants' season opener against the Cowboys. He sheepishly admitted that he doesn't have a printer, so he asked position coach Jerald Ingram to type it up and print it out for him today. Wilson plans to hang the paper in his locker. What's on the list?" Read more...

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    Yeah, if you watch his post practice interview on the media page he seems oddly confident for a rookie. I guess it can't be a bad thing. He wants to not fumble, not give up a sack, and rip off a 20 yarder. I think they are all within reach. Lovin this kid already

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