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    I Like Wilson's goals ! ......................
    . No fumbles
    Gain 5 yards per carry
    Score at least 10 touchdowns
    Allow no sacks on his behalf
    Have at least one play of 20 yards or more per game
    Rush for 100 yards in at least six games

    Now can the G-Men help him achieve these goals ?
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    Those are awesome set of goals and I hope he can accomplish each one of them. Good for the kid and good for the organization. This may be a huge keeper.

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    Ahmad is certainly great at scoring a td backwards. He adds to our Giants' pride and scores. Hope he has his best season ever.

    Hope Wilson makes his goals also. What a team the Giants are building. GO BLUE

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    This is absolutely awesome. Kid seems very humble, and very focused/intelligent. Looks like we snagged another gem guys, not only as a player but character-wise as well. Wishing for nothing but fulfillment for DWilson this season.

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