Hey guys, longtime Cowboy fan here. I have occasionally read yall's forums during our match-up week for my entertainment
I want to say "good luck" on wed nite and I hope we both escape w/o any severe injuries. I am not one of those obnoxious fans who think they know it all, I am able to to find the negatives and positives and come to realistic conclusions about a particular game.

I am also a NY Mets fan, so I am not anti-New York, love the city really. I am from Houston and recently, me and the wife moved to the SF area.

Now, on to the game: I expect a hard fought dogfight like most of our games that should come down to the final minutes. We do not know what we have in Claiborne yet, he is getting thrown into shark infested waters for his first game. Carr, I think he will be solid and I am hoping Jenkins can play to help out our secondary, they are going to need it. I am mostly concerned with our front defensive 7 more than our offensive line for this game. Ratliff and Spencer are banged up and we really only have Lee playing at LB. We did lose Brookings finally and I pray we have a better replacement, still don't know.

Dez and Miles will play, but I would not place a bet on Austin actually finishing the game. His hammy will undoubtedly get re-injured soon. I want Nicks to play (on my FF team) and not get hurt more than he is. I am still on the fence if we win this one or not, things will have to go our way in order to do so. We have to keep penalties down, non-critical turnovers, and decent O-line protection for both the pass and the run. Maybe we get yas on an over-emotional night and catch them off-guard and escape with a win.

This game will definitely set the tone right off the bat, it is a shame we have to play week 1, but it is what it is. Cheers to getting past this game still intact and moving on to bigger things: embarrassing the Philthy EGals !