1. If the Giants stay healthy or at least healthier than last year, and a slightly better offensive line performance we have a chance as we did after our 07/08 SB Win.

2. Eagles - They generally start of slow every year, and catch fire at the end. But you can always count on Reid to blow it in tight spots. Perfect example is his 2 and 4 minute offenses. Also in the past it was McNabb who found the most inopportune times to choke. McNabb passed that torch to Vick, even though Vick was well on his way before that.

3. Cowboys - They generally start off on auto pilot in the first half of the season. Yet when it comes down to crunch time, they fold like lawn chairs. They are the Mini-mes when referring to Philly. Philly is the Big brother in the choking, Dallas is the little brother.

4. Redskins - Are they still in the division? Besides that their fan base thinks they are winning the SB every year, they always seem to be at the bottom of the barrel. Now if RG3 is as good as people think he will be, I can easily see it taking them probably a solid 4 years before they can actually make a difference and have a shot. Mike will rely on the run game, and the PAP, and small pass game with an occasion shot down the field as he did with Plummer.

Can any of these guys have a chance, sure, but year in and year out it seems to fall this way. Lets see if this year is any different. Should be fun either way.