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Of course anything can happen. But the recent history points that way. I remember saying it last year when people said the eagles where out by half the season, that they should wait as they usually play better in the second half.

Redskins are better if Mike holds everything close to the vest with RG3 imho. Play to not make a mistake and take a real chance.

Giants - Oline has been our issue for the last few years, as well as health. It certainly will be a question again this year, or at least early on. But we can only hope its not worse than last years line play. There are items that point in that direction. Secondary I am a bit weary about, but we have talent there. If they can come along through the season then i feel good about them. But I agree those are our two biggest question marks.

Eagles - I said my peace, but also agree Vicks health is another thing. But Vick isnt a QB, he is just a play maker. Through out his career he has only had 2 very good season. Look at the rest. Mind you he has been surrounded by solid talent.

Cowboys - Why do you say they are a year away from being a contender? Instead of saying they are right now?
I expect the last two drafts to really come to fruition next year as well as having some key pieces added in free agency next year. (namely, Claiborne, Carter, Crawford, Johnson and Smith) We still have weaknesses even though they're not as glaring as before-- but I think picking up a center in FA and a guard in the draft will make all the difference.

I think our Safeties will be much improved once Johnson finally gets some reps and gets comfortable, along with Church and Sensabaugh.

Crawford becomes a better overall DE-- still very raw but that kid has a motor on him and is pretty athletic.

Tyron Smith is still growing both literally and figuratively-- I expect him to be a monster of an LT next season.

And of course, a year under Claiborne's belt and he and Carr will be a phenomenal duo just as Carter and Lee would be once Carter stops thinking and plays with his instincts.

I'm not saying it's impossible for the Cowboys to play well this year and get to the playoffs, but I like our chances to make our presence felt in the playoffs next year if all pans out. It's a big if, but the way things are trending under Garrett, I don't think it's unreasonable.