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    Giants Schedule is no Cake Walk

    Giants schedule is no cake walk...................we are going to have to play twice as hard in all Positions to get the WINS........I know the G-Men can do it ! They did it last year....but PLEASE , don't make us sweat like those last games, LOL


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    its gonna be more like 2008 than last year in terms of the reg season. we had a brutal stretch of the season then too and we went 12-4. Nicks aint cheddar bobbing himself like plax tho...
    alot of people don't realize how incredibly stacked we are. We prob have more accrued talent across the board than any other team in terms of starters AND depth players.
    Our offense is built to score enough vs even the toughest defenses while our defense is good enough to make key stops. we have a really good thing going, and next season after we draft, we'll have a good OL to go with the other strengths.

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    The last time the Giants had this rough of a schedule they finished 12-4. Didnt they break some record with wins over teams with a .500 or better record

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    fewest turnovers in a season, and most consecutive wins vs teams over .500 at 8 IIRC, those r the 2 records we broke I recall off the top of my head

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    It isn't worth the prize otherwise
    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    It isn't worth the prize otherwise
    Your RIGHT ! .....You know the Giants is the only team that makes me sweat and keeps me on edge, every single game...I Love them....I must be a true Giant fan .When they Win I'm happy all week......We won't mention if they lose.

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    The main reason I feel that they will win at least 12 games even vs this tough schedule is that Eli is 4 yrs older & more experienced with even more confidence being a 2 time SB MVP. He has an even better recieving core & RB core than he did in 08 & the D is even better than in 08. If the Giants can stay relatively injury free all yr & establish the run game, I really feel we can lock up the #1 seed & go all the way & repeat. We would have in 08 if the idiot doesn't shoot himself & our season in the leg!

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    Giants schedule is no cake walk he says.

    You must be new here because that's the understatement of the year. The Giants schedule is never a cake walk at any point, in any season.

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    We have the toughest rated schedule in the NFL, and The Patriots have the easiest........how does this happen?

    Why must we ALWAYS play SFO in SFO??

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    NFL has a formula that is in place yrs ahead for what teams & divisions we play plus you play 2 NFC games vs teams that won their divisions the prior yr, hence GB & SF again!

    Facts are that the NFC is much tougher than the AFC & the Patsies play in the cream puff AFCE, so that's 5-6 easy wins right there & their only real tough opponents yr in/yr out are the 2 smashmouth teams in the AFCN, the Steelers & Ravens. In 09-10, the Jets gave em comp & even KOed them in the playoffs, but last yr, got swept like b&^*%.The Colts also gave em comp & beat em a few times with Peyton at the helm. Maybe now that he's a Bronco, they can pull off a W vs them this yr.

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