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    Whos going to the game?!?!? I am!!

    I just got free tickets for the Giant/Cowgirl game Wednesday night, tailgate starts at 3:30, its gonna be a doozy baby i cant ****ing wait, i am literally counting down the hours, considering im getting them for free im sitting pretty high up but i hear at the new stadium no seat is bad, plus what is better then being their opening night against the effin cowgirls, its going to be jumping first game, its on NBC, pregame shows, i believe the NBC crew pre-game is right by my tailgate as welll, my uncles tailgate is very popular, we have touch football games and everything its awesome plus their are a group of guys doing a fantasy draft with 10 ppl. i cant wait.

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    Enjoy And Rep Hard & Loud For Our Giants. I Wish I Could Be There.
    New York Giants Superbowl XXI, XXV, XLII, XLVI Champions!!!!!

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