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    Demarcus Van Dyke

    He got released and I know I'm going to get grilled for this thread but I'm just asking what you guys think about him

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    The PTPer? Diaper Dandy? I dont think he'd be our commentator but maybe...

    but who is this guy, whats he play?

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    He is a corner drafts by the Raiders a year or 2 ago. Ran a 4.28 at the combine but was just released. He's an intriguing prospect and we could definitely use some corner help

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    who the f is that

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    Yeah he is intriguing. I just dont know where u put him exactly.I dont think Tryon is very good at all but with Amukamara hurt we need guys who know the system right now

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    is anymore than what we have already?????
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jppallday View Post
    He got released and I know I'm going to get grilled for this thread but I'm just asking what you guys think about him
    yeah I saw yesterday that the Raiders released him after they signed Joselio Hanson at CB.

    I do remember that Van Dyke ran a great 40. It figures he was one of those HWS specimens that Al Davis always coveted. I did not realize that he was 6'1.

    I guess it couldnt hurt to bring him in for a workout.
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    alot of raiders fans were comparing him to revis when he was drafted but did not live up to expectations. i hear he is super fast though

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