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Thread: Live Draft Tonight....

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    Live Draft Tonight....

    I have my live draft tonight and it is a pure scoring league and a snake draft.. No PPR, just TD's and yards. With that said, I have the #1 overall pick and I have been tempted to take Calvin Johnson with the #1 overall selection and waiting/rolling the dice to grab a QB at #20. Here is my projection with how the first round might look.

    #1 - Calvin Johnson, WR
    #2 - Aaron Rodgers, QB
    #3 - Tom Brady, QB
    #4 - Drew Brees, QB
    #5 - Cam Newton, QB (duel threat = double points for rushing TD's)
    #6 - Matt Stafford, QB
    #7 - LeShon McCoy, RB
    #8 - Arian Foster, RB
    #9 - Tony Romo, QB
    #10 - Matt Schaub, QB (Snake draft would allow them to take Andre Johnson @ #11)

    So, based off this projection I only need to worry about two teams in round 2 that would be considering a QB. They may decide to go after a WR (Fitzgerald, Wallace, Julio Jones, AJ Green) or they may want to take their QB right then. My hope is that Eli falls to #20, but if Matt Ryan or Philip Rivers is available, that would be acceptable.

    What are the thoughts on my strategy?

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    just go with aaron rodgers

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    League settings? How many QBs, WRs, RBs, TEs? Flex? etc. etc.

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    honestly Mccoy or Foster would be my numbers 1's

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