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    Packers Fans & Packers Hate

    I know this is a bit off topic I had to get this off my chest but has anyone here developed a bit a of hate for the Packers? I know the Packers are not a division rival or a interstate rival but there some Packers Fans are starting to become like Patriots Fans saying the Giants were lucky im really getting sick of people saying the Giants were lucky. I really don't have anything against the Packers they are great organization but it seems like some of their fans can't give proper credit where its due. Im willing to bet when the Packers won their 2010 Superbowl, Giants Nation including myself gave them credit for their success even though they knocked us out of playoff contention, also im pretty sure a lot us here pulled for the Packers to beat the Eagles in the Wild Card. And this is not towards all Packers Fans because im sure they have some great/knowledgable fans but im talking about the ones that can't give the Giants respect and is a bit of a sore loser.

    It seems like some Packers Fans have develop some hate for the Giants, I remember looking around on Packers Forum website and them saying how much they hate the Giants. Hey its all good when you're on top you see the jealously & envy that comes out of other fanbases not just division fanbases but other fanbases around the league.

    I know I should have posted this in the trash talk section but I figured I would get more responses here.
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