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    Defending Champion Giants Getting No Respect

    Like always, the Giants have to earn their RESPECT ! Once and for all, they will show the Cowboys how it's done !

    Must Read.


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    Lack of respect is a good thing. I'm looking forward to another "lucky" win.

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    They're not getting respect from the media but they are getting respect from who counts, and that is their opponents. Even Rex Ryan and Jerry Jones know. Jerry Jones just recently backed down from comments by Kiwanuka. The media is just getting paid to make some obscure picks that don't mean a thing. They are just like the weather forecasters. What other job lets you stay when you are only about 10% correct.

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    My Eagle fan boss came over today to gloat that the Eagles are #1 in the MSN power rankings.


    Rank the Giants 32nd for all I care as long as they win the last game of the year.

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    its a well written article. but i think its a motivational thing for us, which I'll take everytime leading up to opening game. should mean the team is fired up and doesnt come out flat.

    as far as why we dont get the typical champions respect, thats been documented around here countlessly. i will say that our style of football and personality on and off the field isnt trendy. we are kinda like the oldschool lunch pail working man of football teams. just do ur job and achieve success no matter the obstacle.
    all those other teams routinely picked over us have advantages that dont matter in determining who wins and loses, its stupid stuff

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    Well when you get in by the skin of your teeth (Megadeth) and finish barely above the Mendoza line, people are wary to bet.

    If the Giants want respect, kick the Jets out and rename the place Giants Stadium Pt Deux

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    Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

    I love it. I love the lack of respect that we get. I love the fact that folks want to overlook us. I love the fact that they just want to keep testing Eli Manning. It is like when someone burns themselves on the hot stove and they keep touching it again and again as if they need to be convinced. Let them keep playing with fire is how I equate their disrespect for us. I fuels us. It places a chip on Eli Mannings shoulder and that is good because I am pretty sure we have not even seen The Best from him yet.

    I bELIeve.

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    well said buffy. the best is yet to come for eli n our giants

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    I think this helps the Giants. Let other teams think they are better.
    Good teams win games, Great teams cover the spread!

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