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    "There is no comfort in the truth"

    Unhappy I have a bad feeling about Giants......

    Plus the media and fans Giving Romo incentive to prove himself. Iv heard nothing but he stinks and is horrible, (except toomer) I don't like this at all.

    ps- miss giggles.
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    then there's that "nobody likes us" stuff to ponder ...

    NFL Championships : 1927 1934 1938 1956 Super Bowl Champions: XXI XXV XLII XLVI

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    yeah, we dont have anything to prove...WOW

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    this is the exact kind of thread I'd make when I created Giggles at the cowboys forum...looking back, I prob thought "what would harooni say on our mb, replace anything giants related with cowboys, and it'd troll them badly."

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    Did we ever prove if "Luck of Tuck" was actually Giggles?

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    Tony Romo is a very good QB but he is not as good as Our Beloved Leader Eli Manning.

    I like our chances to beat Dallas Cowboys in game 1 and I think we will. However it is an inner division game with a tough foe and it will be a heckuva a good game.

    Lets Go NY Giants.

    I bELIeve.

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    I miss my old account...Thurston Howell.

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    I don't think Romo needs the media to provide incentive to play well. The guy is a gamer and the QB who worries me the most since the iggles had Randall.
    Cunningham was the one guy I thought they toned down for Tecmo II
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    The Cowboys' o-line looks worse than the Giants'. Romo will be running for his life.

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    Game has more significance then your typical Home Opener to start the season. Because its an NFC opponent it matters on your conference record and making it even more important is its a divison rival. You just don't want to start 0-1 in the NFCE right out of the gate...a loss for us would be a lot more devastating then if say Philly lost its first game. For them it would only be a loss to an AFC team the Browns. Bad? Yes but not hardly as bad as losing to Dallas
    Football has been very, very good to us.
    After losing seasons 2013-15, the giants put up 11 wins in 16.. they are on way Back
    But for now we can console ourselves with this fact-

    # of Super Bowl victories since 1985:

    1-Chicago, St. Louis, Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Seattle
    2-Washington, Green Bay, Pittsburgh, Baltimore
    3-San Francisco, Dallas, Denver
    4-New York Giants!!!
    Let's make it 5 in 2016 so we can be on a LINE NE again!!!

    ***Stat provided by "Schloss22"***

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