If you love football.....you live for games like this.

If all the match ups play out like both sides think they will.......this should be a ringer. Both teams are banged up at key spots......no excuses for either team on that front.

The Giants are favored....and should be. Until kickoff.....they are the better proven team playing in thier house on a huge stage. The Cowboys have a lot more to overcome than the spread is giving them.

I know the Giants O line is not Canton worthy right now.....but the Cowboys line has been in shambles this offseason....and they have had little time to play together. Against the Giants D Line, thats a big matchup problem for the coaches to overcome.

Rookie Corner Claiborne has to start. Regardless of draft pedigree etc...he is still a rookie corner...and they rarely play lights out right out of the gate.

2nd year 21 year old T Smith switching to LT for the first time. No more needs to be said.

Last years 2nd team, safety, Barry Church, promoted to starter.

I've seen it all as a Cowboys fan of 38 years and I think The Cowboys have the right coaching staff for now and the future....and to prove themselves, they need to win.....regardless of the challanges. That's what good coaches do.

No matter what......this should be a helluva football game.........and that's why we are here.

From what I've read here...I think most of you know how tight this game could be......but if there are King Homers among you that think the Giants win this without question....then please stand and be seen in this thread.