.....i am feeling a great season for this guy, along with the Rookie of the year award, yes over the HIGHLY ANTICIPATED RGIII AND MR. STANFORDS ANDREW LUCK.

Russel Wilson has ice water veins he showed it at his one season with Wisconsin, I believe it was one season? Whatever, it doesn't matter this kid is awesome. He has great pocket presence, he scrambles when needed and steps up in the pocket like any qb in the league it seems like. At 5"10 this kid will lead these fighting Hawks to a 10-6 season, with Lynch and the emerging 3rd Round pick in Robert Turbin who looks as good, if not better then Mr. ugly, Marshawn Lynch. With a solid defense as well, a great run stop defense, and Marcus Trufant one of the leagues best at corner. I am telling you this team will be not great, but will not be a go into the game thinking "o this will be easy." I say Russel and his mighty Hawks lead this team to a acceptable 10-6 season with a possible playoff run. Bold? Absolutely. Possible? Of course. I can't wait for one of the most anticipating National Football League seasons in a while. Lets get it started with a win at Metlife and putting a whooping on Jerry Jones Cowgirls...34-14...very random post, but hey thats what these forums are for right?