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    Stephen Strasburg Decision

    in 35 years of watching sports, i have never seen anything like this

    does this old Expos organization not have a calculator?

    do they not understand how hard it is to win a World Series? .. they SHOULD!!

    im surprised they are not being more crucified for the total mismanagement of the situation

    Strasburg has made 27 starts, which is only 1 less than knuckleballer RA ****ey ... are you telling me the kid could not have skipped a couple of starts or pitched on 6 or 7 days rest occasionally?????? ... what if he had tweaked a hammy or a groin ... would they have shut him down in may????

    Strasburg has averaged roughly 5.75 innings a start, so not outrageous, but you will have those occasional 2 or 3 inning starts when it's just not your day

    so if Strasburg had averaged 5.75 innings in his 1st 13 starts and 4.75 innings in his last 14 starts ... that would be roughly 140 innings ... just using innings management

    then you have him miss just ONE of his 1st 13 starts (say 6 innings) and just ONE of his last 14 starts (5 innings) ... now he's down to roughly 130 innings!!! giving him easily 4 more regular season starts of 5 innings each, so 150 ... opening the door for him to pitch in at a minimum one post season series

    plus i had heard 160 to 180 and he would not hit 180 even if he pitched right thru the World Series, which is still the goal in Baseball, right?

    finally, by shutting down a competitor like Strasburg ... he will never, ever sign another contract with the Nationals regardless of how much money they offer him ... the Nationals are basically being an extra careful farm system for teams like the Yanks, Sox, Cardinals, Angels, Dodgers, etc.

    dumbest thing ever
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