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    Giants v cowpoo drinking game

    Drinking game for the Giants v Cowboys game tonight:
    Chug drink in hand for 3 seconds if:
    -They mention how "it is not Romo's fault".
    -Every time Eli and elite are mentioned in the same sentence.
    -Every time Eli is compared to Peyton.
    -Every time RGpee is mentioned.
    -Every time they talk about how much the Cowboys' secondary has improved.
    -Every time JPP is called a freak, monster, beast, etc.
    -They mention how the Giants are an all around better team, yet the Cowboys will still somehow finish ahead of them.
    -Every time Coughlin yells at the refs.
    -Every time the replacement refs screw something up that your blind, deaf, quadriplegic, alzheimers grandmother could have figured out
    Shot of Captain (2 shots if you are a heavy weight) if:
    -Eli is criticized for doing something Romo got praised for
    -Manningham is brought up as a "huge loss for the Giants"
    -Every time the Jets are mentioned
    -Every time Tebow is mentioned
    -Every time the Eagles are mentioned.
    -"Eli is only marginally better than Romo" is said or any varient of that.
    Chug the drink in your hand if:
    -The Eagles are crowned the division winners... during the first game of the season
    -The Packers are crowned Super Bowl champs... during the first game of the season.
    -There is mention to the Super Bowl being in New Orleans
    -JPP blocks a field goal
    -Jerry Jones is showed pissed on the sidelines/in a box

    Additions would be appreciated.

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    Hahaha...half the message board members will be dead by 2nd quarter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Laurah1275 View Post
    Hahaha...half the message board members will be dead by 2nd quarter
    2nd quarter? You mean first 5 minutes.

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    -any mention of dez bryants potential

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    My favorite is the "David Deihl drinking game."

    Every time Deihl risks Eli's health or fails to get a run block, take a drink.

    This will get you drunk surprisingly quickly, but it works better when you're angry with the team

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