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    *** Official gameday thread - Dallas Cowboys @ New York Football Giants***

    I realize it's incredibly early, but I'm packing the car to make my way to MetLife for the game. So, because of superstition, I'm going to stick this up now. It is the first game of the NFL season, we host arch rival Dallas whose owner has suggested they are going to kick our collective asses.

    Do we have an OLine that can both protect Eli and open holes for the running backs? Can Bradshaw and Wilson set the tone tonight for the rest of the season?

    The DLine is second to NONE and, with the acquisition of Tracy and Ojomo, has depth that is almost unheard of if they can live up to their potential.

    Nicks and Cruz are a tandem that is going to be hard to cover and when they are Hixon and Randle are going to man up.

    Ratliff isn't playing for Dallas which should allow us to pay more attention to Demarcus Ware. Locklear will start at LT and we may see Beatty come in as a blocking TE if we need help.

    There is no reason we shouldn't win this game, but,as we all know...

    Talk is cheap, play the game!

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.” MB Rule # 1

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    Let's get this game started, talk is cheap leave it all on the field. Go Giants...

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    Quote Originally Posted by primetime View Post
    Let's get this game started, talk is cheap leave it all on the field. Go Giants...
    I'll be back after we are victorious.

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    Let's get it poppin' baby!!!!!!! Big Blue is about to lay down law! Giants 35 Cowterds 21. Barden gets a TD. Cruz get's nasty. Wilson show's what all the buzz is about and JT regains his form. JPP get's doubled all game but still makes a few plays. This is a big test for the Oline. If they handle Ware and the boys they can handle anybody.

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    Let's go giants! Hoping for a nice division win to start off the season.

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    Build that @#$^%&* bridge, baby!!!!

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    hey there G-fans, here's hoping we have another thrilling season (although to be honest I can't see how we can top 2007 and 2011!). Just wondering...anyone know what the actual kickoff time will be for the game tonight? TV schedule says "8:30pm" but I'm sure that's not actual kickoff...

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    pumped and ready to go ........up all night in the UK ( AGAIN )
    Non Omnis Moriar

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    Giants by 10...book it !!

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    woof arf bark woof
    Build the bridge!

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