So I made a few key mistakes in the draft last night. Specifically, in my late round selections I should have taken another #1 reciever. I panicked when all of the good RB were going off the board so I chose McGahee instead of another #1 reciever. Tory Smith would be a good bench player but I think have to start him now. I'm thinking Shonn Green was a mistake but he may be the only thing the Jets have working on their O and because they don't do the running back by committee thing he should get a ton of carries right? Other than Wilson and Moss, I'm thinking that my bench is weak. Here is my team as of now...

Tom Brady, NE QB

Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB Q

Willis McGahee, Den RB

Victor Cruz, NYG WR

Torrey Smith, Bal WR

Vernon Davis, SF TE

FLEX - Shonn Greene, NYJ RB

Giants D/ST D/ST

Sebastian Janikowski, Oak K Q


David Wilson, NYG RB

Ryan Fitzpatrick, Buf QB

Brandon Stokley, Den WR

Martellus Bennett, NYG TE

Eddie Royal, SD WR P

Rueben Randle, NYG WR

Santana Moss, WAS WR

Dallas Clark is still availiable. Should I dump Randle (love him but not this year) and pick up Clark? Sould I start Clark, Wilson or Moss instead of Greene? Any other ideas/suggestions?