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    Same old board....

    Season is over, fire everyone, the sky is falling, everybody just relax, coaching staff will make the adjustments, I guess no 16-0.

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    We react to what we saw on the field. I think most of the criticism is justified.

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    What do you take so that you don't have an aneyurism when a run play is called? Because I need some...

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    People are overreacting. Game 1 man, game 1. We lack a lot of ****, but we can change things around.

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    woof arf bark woof
    I don't think we'll miss the playoffs. It's not like we got blown out either..well statistically we did. I just hope we get our act straight.

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    Like the coach said, there is a lot of work ahead, no more blowing smoke out the rear end "coach said it", last year is gone.

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    I am very disappointed . Losing in happens but I wish it wasn't Dallas. Hopefully Cruz plays better next week, And I hope I never see a team convert a 1st and 30 the rest of the year. It was nice seeing those trophies though.

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