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    I think Hosley would have shut down Ogletree ..

    This kid can flat out play and thought he should have been given an opportunity . He played on special teams tonight but curious why he was not in at CB.. Also.. I have never seen Corey Webster look as bad as he did tonight.

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    Hosley was in at the slot. At least some of the time. Ohm confirmed this.

    Ohm Youngmisuk ‏@NotoriousOHM
    Tryon in for Coe, Hosley still on slot. If Coe is out for a while with hamstring injury, it will be between those two until Prince returns.
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    Makes sense. If Webster was on Dez, and Coe was on Ogletree, someone was on Austin. Probably a mix of Hosley and Rolle. It's more a good thing we didn't hear hosley's name called. Good thing for corners not to know they are there

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