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    R.I.P Art Modell

    Longtime owner of the Baltimore Ravens, Art Modell, dies. R.I.P

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    RIP, watch the Raven win the superbowl, like we did after mara died.

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    It's not clear to me what, if anything, the NFL has planned today across the league to honor Modell. Apparently, there's still some bad blood in Cleveland. The Modell family has specifically asked the Browns NOT to have any recognition (e.g., moment of silence) of his passing before the game today because the fan reaction might be embarrassing and disrespectful. That's as shame

    I always understood Art Modell to be a close personal friend of Wellington Mara. Modell was as instumental as anyone in the emergence of the NFL in the '50s, '60s & '70s. Modell, Mara, Rooney, et al. were the real power behind Rozelle's vision.

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