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He never should have said it. Making excuses and sounding weak in pro football is a no no. That said, there was a lot of cuddling between both clubs :P
Was there calls or Non calls in this case that effected the game. sure. there are in every game for all 32 teams. It just seems in last several years the giants have had more then their fair share of them the actually cost them a win vs GB last season and several other cases I wont mention here as there are tons of threads on them

With that said, Dallas will come to a few times in the season where its fanbase will be complaining about a loss because of a bad call or lack of a call. What goes around comes around. not saying cruz hold was the difference as the giants would of still lost by 3. however when you see a star DE getting not just held but almost tackled on every play its gets a little comical. also was listening to a sports station that was saying that BB was really happen what he saw the cowboys getting away with on the Giants WRs.. the announcer said BB will have his players do it all day until its called