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    We got punched in the mouth...by a Divisional rival..This has never happened before??

    Thank GOD nobody on these boards plays for the team. This would be one gloomy lockeroom. Anyways, we got punched in the mouth by one of our old rivals...this is NEW?? This is the NFC EAST.....The Redskins cleaned our clock twice last season....so what!!! Thats what we , they do...the only way we know if we really suck, is if we repeat the mistakes we made against the Cowboys, in the Bucs game...I don't think we suck.

    We may not be motivated like we were going into the Division Championship, post season of last year..but...that will change. We have a long week to watch film..stop crying and get maybe a few guys back that didn't play the 1st game?? Regardless, we have no choice but to practice and get better !
    Not brain surgery. Put your surrender towels down ,,,its only the 1 st round, and we didn't get knocked out..just lost that round.
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    "i have the chops"
    well said sir agreed 100%... looking foward to the 16th

    2014 season
    23 rushes for 255yards 3td
    39 pancake blocks
    50 tackles 3 sacks (3 td saving tackles including final tackle as time expired to clinch win, hit of the game 9/14 & 10/26 )
    9-0-1 record///// invited to play in tiny mite bowl and beat the team we tied in regular season
    youtube (youth football Iselin Giants and look for video that's 4 mins 19sec)

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    The real test and measure of the teams motivation will be how they react to this game ..going into the next one. Kruunch's observations and other astute members have done a fair assesment to the overall performances, we all knew going in where the weaknesses were, so did Dallas. Their job as an opponent and especiaally Divisional rival is to expose and exploit those weaknesses. hats off to them. We should not expect anything less.

    Our team's job now is to close these gaps as tight as possible, and make it harder to duplicate by our next opponent, who inevitably is watching film on this game..and so on, and so on...If our guys DO NOT adapt, and learn...then we throw in the towel on this team..but that still is aways off I would think?
    I have confidence, combined with faith, that we will not get outplayed every game. I still se us as a 10-6, 11-5 team once we right the ship.

    Go Blue!!!

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